Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Thing To Try: Reupholstery

I've been reading several blogs lately about reupholstering furniture, and thought I'd have a go at it. I had two old chairs that needed a little revitalization:

The top one is a rocking chair that was my grandmother's. It's been around a LONG time, but the fabric was crusty and it was missing some nailhead trim. This was a fairly easy recovering job - I also sanded the wood and put some new stain on it. Here's the after:

The second chair was in my bedroom when I was little, but has since been in my dad's garage, where it may or may not have been peed on by some type of animal. The fabric was ratty, and that skirt - ugh. Here's how it looks now, in my home office:

Now may be when you're ready to read my how-to on recovering furniture, but honestly, that would be reinventing the wheel. Tons of bloggers have written about it, so you can Google "reupholstering furniture" and find a wealth of information. Just know that these are the basic steps:

1. Remove all the fabric, and label it as you go with numbers and where it goes on the chair. Usually you'll start with the back first.

2. Use the old pieces as templates for your new fabric.

3. Put everything back on the chair in the opposite order from how you removed it.

It was an intimidating project at first, but really wasn't so hard once I got going. It's much less difficult if you start with a chair you find at a thrift store, so that if you happen to mess something up, you're not sad about destorying your late grandmother's favorite chair.


  1. Just wanted to say "hi" and tell you that I am so glad your blog is back! Call me the next time you're in Bham and we'll have a Reba night :)

    PS - LOVE that yellow chair!

  2. You are out of control. I can't believe you can do this, I'm so very impressed!!

  3. I love those! That second chair really does look great w/o the skirt!

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