Monday, May 23, 2011

Orange You Glad You Went to the Thrift Store?

A couple weekends ago I visited a few of the thrift stores in town just to see what they were like. And yowza – I found all kinds of amazing things! I’ll share with you some of my projects with thrift store finds in the next few posts.

First up, new guest room lamps. Finding a matching pair of lamps in a thrift store is a sign – you must buy them. I spotted these blue babies, and liked the shape – kind of ginger jar-ish. But the color was atrocious. They were $6 each, so they came home with me.

Some painter’s tape to cover the brass, a can of pumpkin orange spray paint, a couple of new harps and shades, and voila! New lamps for the guest room! Lamps like this can easily run at least $50 each even in a place like HomeGoods, but these totaled $22 each. I like the pop of color they give. The guest room is still very much a work in progress, but my new lamps have given me the oomph I needed to get back to decorating it.


  1. You're super crafty! I would never think of doing something like that...even so simple!

  2. To each their own. I love the blue color ;-)
    I am glad that you went to the thrift store because to get those cuties for that price is kind of a rarity. I suppose you'll be making many more trips there to find new treasures.