Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Palette: Easter Pastels

Hi Friends!
It’s been crazy in my world, but I’ve got Easter on the brain – soft palettes and natural textures. Here are a few interiors from Houzz that I’m really loving right now:

The sparkin new home eclectic home office

This feels like the inside of an Easter egg (sans the M&M’s). I love short shelves on an oddly shaped wall. This would be a fun color palette for a little girl’s room.

Color Fiesta Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Hello, green! It’s like being in a bright garden. I’d love to wake up to these colors in a sun-filled room.

Living Room modern living room

Even though the colors in this room are neutral overall, I love the pops of muted colors: purple, teal, butter yellow and green. You can do pastels without it looking like you’re living in a nursery.

Lola Bs traditional dining room

The muted blue in this rustic dining room is so pretty. I’d love a big pop of pink with some peonies in the center of the table.

Amoroso Design contemporary kitchen

When you have a neutral kitchen like this one, you can add pops of color no matter what season it is: Easter, Christmas or the Fourth of July!

Bedroom/Office traditional home office

The teal wallpaper in this little office nook is very Bunny-worthy.

Joni Spear Interior Design contemporary dining room

Even though there’s a lot going on in this little space, the patterns all work together and the chocolate paint keeps all the pastels grounded. Plus, nothing says “Easter” like chocolate brown!

Trickett Living Room  living room

I would like to know when I can move in to this space. Pops of pastels on a neutral background. Just Heaven.

Tineke triggs contemporary dining room

Non-traditional nursery colors reminiscent of the inside of my Easter basket.

Hammett eclectic dining room

It definitely feels like spring in this room!

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